About Us
About Us


Zenith Energy Ltd. is a Canadian oil & gas production company, listed on the London Stock Exchange (ZEN) and the TSX Venture Exchange (ZEE).

The main focus of the Company is the acquisition of large onshore oil & gas fields in countries that offer strong asset protection and a business atmosphere conducive to stable and profitable production activities.  

Zenith operates the largest onshore oilfield in Azerbaijan through its fully owned subsidiary, Zenith Aran Oil Company Limited.  The Company's Italian subsidiary, Canoel Italia Srl, operates or has a working interest in a number of concessions which produce electricity, condensate and natural gas.   

The oil & gas sector has gone through turbulent times as a result of the reduced oil price market setting. Well-known players have shown themselves to be overstretched and uncompetitive in confronting a challenging environment.  Zenith’s strong management, low operating costs, and a Board of Directors with extensive industry knowledge and government experience has enabled the Company to pursue new opportunities with transformational potential. 

Zenith’s overarching strategy is to identify and rapidly seize opportunities in the onshore oil & gas sector.  Specific attention is directed to fields formerly controlled by oil majors and state oil companies. These assets often have significant untapped potential and the capacity to produce sizeable volumes of oil & gas with technological investment and new management supervision.      

One of the pillars underpinning Zenith’s goal of increasing shareholder value is the Company viewing its expansion as equally important to the consolidation of existing assets.  Growth is pursued with an awareness of the inherent risks of unfunded commitments, the dangers of over-stretch, and the importance of a rigorous due diligence in the pre-acquisition phase.

The Company prefers to invest in areas where infrastructure already exists and to apply its expertise in modernizing pre-dating equipment,  making oil practices more efficient and thereby maximizing energy production. 

Zenith will always operate in accordance with the host country’s energy development programme. Cooperation with both local and national state entities is essential in achieving the results our investors seek and reflects the importance Zenith attaches to its social and environmental responsibility.